Cambridge Sixth Form at Kingsley

The Cambridge A Level (Sixth Form) will commence in July 2016 for students who completed their O Level examinations or equivalent at Kingsley International School's new campus.

Why pursue your A Level in Kingsley International School?

  • Small-sized classes

Scaled down class size for optimum lecturer-students interaction so students stay engaged and their voices are heard.


  • IELTS English Examination Preparatory Classes

IELTS English preparation is important for students who are planning to study for their degrees. in KIS lecturers prepare students for the IELTS examinations, a pre-requisite for most renowned universities world-wide.


  • Guidance and preparation for UCAS applications to universities in the UK provided


  • Assistance in scholarship applications to universities world-wide

KIS assists students on scholarship applications to affiliated and other universities of the students' choice.


  • Practical Science Lab is compulsory for Science students

 Students taking Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) will frequent the school laboratories for practical lessons.


  • Safe study environment

Study in a beautifully landscaped and safe environment with 24-hour security provided.


  • Students are able to participate in the myriad of extra-curricular activities provided by the school and lead an active and healthy lifestyle


  • Students will enjoy their tertiary education in a world class facility, like no other

Programme Information:

 Programme  Duration  

 One and a half years (18 months)


 January 2016


 January (SPM graduates)
 July (O-Level graduates)

 Subjects  available

 Business Studies
 Further Mathematics
 English Literature
 Environmental Management (upcoming)
 Travel & Tourism (upcoming)
 Media Studies (upcoming)

 Students can opt to sit for a minimum of THREE (3)  subjects up
 a maximum of FOUR (4) subjects.


 International standard science labs
 Computer labs
 Wireless network
 Badminton court
 Table tennis court
 Dance studio
 Football/futsal court 

 Entry  requirements

 A minimum of 5 credits (grade C and above)  in SPM /
 IGCSE O Level or equivalent 
with a minimum of B in

 Additonal requirements:
 Grade A in Science and Mathematics if student is to
 opt for Science
 subjects in A Level


 Students will for University of Cambridge
 International Examinations Advanced (A) Level
 in two phases:

 1) AS Level which accounts for 50% of the overall marks for      
     each subject

 2) A2 Level which accounts for another 50% of the overall
     marks for each subject

 Students who have successfully completed the AS Level will then
 move on to do the A2 level examinations. Universities require the
 overall total grade of both AS and A2 Level for university

 How to apply 

 1) Fill up the application form for A Level.
     You can download the form from our
     Download Section.

 2) Application form must be attached with the  
     following documents:
     - Photocopy of Passport/IC

     - Photocopy of parent's IC if applicant is 
       below 18 years old

     - 2 passport-sized photographs of
       applicant and both parents

     - O Level or SPM or equivalent certificates
       and other relevant academic documents
       and result transcripts

     - A non-refundable application fee of
       RM1000.00. Cheques must be crossed and
       made payable to 


If you would like to know more about the course and our School, please contact our Customer Service Personnel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.