Life At Kingsley International School

Life At Kingsley International School

Congratulations to Michelle Mary Kuruvilla who came out Top in Malaysia for English as Second Language in IGCSE O Level June 2014 examinations. She is also selected as one of the proud recipients of Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards.

Kingsley, Like No Other.

27 November 2014 - Kingsley chefs met up with celebrity Chef Martin Yan and cooked a scrumptious dinner for him. Chef Martin gave thumbs up for the wonderful dishes which included nasi lemak with our very own Kingsley fried chicken and mango salad (kerabu) as appetizer. 

Finally, the official result is out!

For Kingsley first Captain's Ball competition, below are the results of the Finals on 21 November 2014 (Friday):

Year 7 : Tudors 2 Stuarts 1
Year 8 : Stuarts 1 Tudors 2
Year 9 : Tudors 1 Stuarts 0
Year 10 : Vikings 3 Romans 1
Year 11: Tudors 3 Stuarts 0

Congratulations and thank you to all students and teachers for all the hard work, effort, support and selfless team spirit shown throughout the competition!

Year 10 Learning Journey was held on the 28th and 29th October at the University of Malaya Field Study Centre. At the very heart of Ulu Gombak, students were taught living skills – building temporary huts, jungle trekking in the dark (blindfolded!), and research skills – collecting data from the field such as calculating stream velocity and sustainable development. This Learning Journey brought meaningful experience which our students will never forget. We are looking forward to the next one!

We are celebrating Diwali and Children's Day today in Kingsley. As we nurture our students to embrace diversity and cultures, our teachers, students and staff dresses up in colourful traditional costumes for the celebration. In Kingsley International School, we are all united and one, and our students are global-minded with broad visions and goals.

WELCOME our fellow friends from Chandra Kusuma International School, Medan, Indonesia.They arrived on Wednesday, 8 October 2014 for a 3 days 2 nights educational study tour, accompanied by our Year 10 students. SELAMAT DATANG!

Kingsley International School has initiated international student educational tours to provide our students with hands-on experiential learning, sharing of history, culture and traditions with our host school. These exchanges are intended to broaden our student’s understanding and tolerance of other cultures as well as improving their language skills and further enhancing their social skills. 

Kingsley embarked on this educational exchange with its first cohort of students visiting the Chandra Kusuma International School in Medan, Indonesia in April 2014 while a return visit is currently underway with Kingsley International School hosting our visitors from Medan.

Students going out on these educational exchanges make presentations in the host school and embark on a series of learning activities together with their counterparts in the host school. Upon returning from such educational tours they are expected to produce and share with their peers a Reflective Report that demonstrates the critical thinking and awareness that has started to develop in them. 

In the near future, such international visits may extend to school partners in different countries to provide our students a holistic and balanced education. Our aim is to bring the world of education to our students doorsteps, thus we endeavor to plan programmes that encompass a wide range of inter-disciplinary learning objectives aligned to our core values.

It's Summer everyone! Holiday is here and what a way to end our academic year of 2013/2014 with a mini performance session by our young ones in Early Years.


Our student Mandy has actively participated in many ballet competitions internationally. Recently, she won a gold medal in CSTD classical ballet competition open category and a bronze medal in the 17th Dance Society of Malaysia Ballet Competition. 

Our Year 4 students went on an excursion trip to Seremban Agro Park. It was an eye opener for all of them as they explored the Minangkabau heritage houses, and braved the fruit orchard to pluck star fruits. They also dropped by the Yakult factory to learn about the production processes and the science technology behind it.